Born in 1943 in Switzerland , Beatrice graduated from  the School of Design Berne Switzerland.
Her interest and talent with Ceramics led her to further her study with Potter Margrit Linck, Zollikofen, Berne. 

Brauen completed  17 years in a private studio in Sigriswil, a town in Switzerland where archaeological findings date habitation back 5000 years ago.
Further training continued under the tutelage of  Jürg Straumann and Peter Aeschbacher .
in nude drawing, composition, Intaglio and woodcut technique. 

Brauen further trained as an Art Teacher"Malpädagogin at Bruna Gennari." specialising in Art Therapy .
Since 1976, Beatrice has participated in many exhibitions
in Switzerland and Italy with objects,collages, drawings, prints and films.
Her work is largely found in Collections at Canton Berne .
Brauen lives and works since 1990 in Italy.