A Compelling Overstatement 97 x 106 cm
An Eventual demarcation 71 x 94 cm
Conceivably Blue 90 x 77 cm
Selective Implications 94 x 78 cm
Falling and Fallen 109 x 66 cm
Objective Unreality 90 x 63 cm
Born in New Zealand 1941.
Schooled in South Africa, then moved to United Kingdom.
Lived in London for 11 years and learned Pottery at Chelsea and Birgin Potteries.
Ball worked as a self –employed potter for 8 years.
Ball returned to New Zealand and potted for another 25 years.
Ball has been painting full-time for the last 15 years and divides his time between New York City, USA and New Zealand.

2000Chiaroscuro Gallery New Zealand
2000Arts Post Gallery New Zealand
2001Rotorua Art and History  Museum New Zealand
2000Studio of Contemporary Art  New Zealand
2000Studio of Contemporary Art New Zealand
2001Gisborne Art and History Museum New Zealand
2001Harrisons Gallery New Zealand
2001Taylor Jenson Fine Art Gallery New Zealand
2001Arts Post Gallery New Zealand
2002Studio of Contemporary Art New Zealand
2002Statements Gallery New Zealand
2004 Studio of Contemporary Art New Zealand
2007 Guest artist Private Viewing Mallorca Spain
2010 Mixed Media Exhibition Liguria Italy
2014 Art Alpine New Gallery Karnten Austria
2015 Portrats und Personen Karnten Austria
Owners are owned 97 x 99 cm
Obligatory Assumptions 104 x 90 cm
A Belated Showing 94 x 80 cm
Advanced Invitations 104 x 90 cm
Overtures of Injustice 99 x 79 cm
All artworks acrylic on canvas
Versions and Aversions  89 x 107 cm
Kinship  and Competition 107 x 89 cm
Natural Losses 100 x 67 cm
A Notable Evacuation 107 x 84 cm
A Superficial Attachment 103 x 83 cm
Assertive Engagement 100 x 67 cm
Avenues of Indifference 120 x 100 cm
Developing Implications 130 x 107 cm
Dimensions of Ascention 120 x 105 cm
Echoes of Reflection 94 x 76 cm
Implied Restraint 94 x 76 cm
Issues of Dimension.100 x 78 cm
Pleasures ill-defined  107 x 94 cm
Separate Associations 120 x 107 cm
Separate Sentiments 122 x 107 cm
Vaguely Certain 104 x 86 cm
Susceptable Evaluations 84 x 110 cm