ALISON RYDE                  NZ -   ITALY
Born in 1945 Christchurch New Zealand , 
Alison Ryde was already an established , respected watercolour artist before leaving NZ to live permanently in Italy more than 30 years ago. Surrounded by Olives and a large extended family with roots in Umbria here is where Ryde continues to paint.
With an ever inspiring landscape and lifestyle, Ryde uses her developed aquarelle technique with swift and precise line. In Italy she also uses acrylic on canvas  which gives a spontaneous and energetic quality . With years of watercolour experience Ryde uses her refined skill to arrive at just the perfect moment to feel the light under the Italian sky... 
We are proud to represent her works here in Austria.

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Massei is a very well established sculptor native to Umbria Italy. He has had many large commission projects in Italy and his work is represented in both Corporate and Private Collections around the globe. . His ability to use many mediums especially Stone and Metal gives him a fluid freedom to conjur heartfelt enduring pieces with an ease not easily achieved. We are thrilled to have a small but no less signicant collection of his works available here in Austria
Bojan Šumonja ist zu Recht einer der bekanntesten und am meisten anerkannten kroatischen bildenden Künstler der letzten Dekaden. Bojan wurde 1960 in Pula geboren und ist hier auch aufgewachsen. Nachdem er in seiner Heimatstadt die Mittlere Reife an der Schule der Angewandten Kunst erlangte, besuchte er die Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Venedig) wo er sein Studium 1984 in der Klasse von Prof. Tramontina erfolgreich in der Bildhauer Abteilung abschloss.

Graduated from the school of Applied Arts in Pula Sumonja then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in the department of Sculpture under the tutelage of Professor Tramontin where he graduated in 1984.
From 1985 he studied graphics in Milan. To the present time he has exhibited in over 200 Group Exhibitions and over 70 solo Shows. He currently is working on a large Retrospective which covers his entire career and will be exhibited in all major Museums in Croatia 2015.

geboren am 1964 in Kärnten.
Studium der Malerei an der Akademie der bildenen Künste in Wien bei M. Prachensky, 1991 Diplom
Lebt als Maler und Musiker in Klagenfurt. Kunstpreis 2012 der Kärntner Volksbank. Er schafft mit seiner Malerei Stimmungsbilder, die in verschiedenen Werkgruppen enstehen. In der Werkreihe COW, spielt er gekonnt mit dem Thema Porträt in der Kunst. Stolz tragen seine tierischen Hauptdarsteller ihren Festtagsschmuck und posieren selbstbewusst für den Maler, welcher das Motiv durch eine ganz eigenständige malerische Handschrift, technische Brillianz und einen erfrischenden Hang zur Ironie zu einem Kunstwerk umsetzt. In anderen Werkreihen nimmt er mutig auch politische Themen auf und will z.B. mit seinen ‚Favelas‘ auf die Armut in Südamerika hinweisen.

Studied painting at the Academy of fine arts in Vienna by M. Prachensky, diploma 1991. Lives as a painter and musician in Kärnten. Art-prize 2012 of the Carinthian Volksbank. He creates with his painting mood-images that arise in different work groups. in the series of works ‚COW‘, he skill-fully plays with the topic of portrait in art. Proudly wear his animal actors their holiday jewellery and self-consciously posing for the artist, which catches the subject through a completely independent picturesque style, technical brilliance, and a humorous approach. He takes up brave political topics in other bodies of work and i.e. indicates the poverty in South America with his 'Favelas' series.

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