Gisborne Art Museum
02 FEB  - APRIL 21  2024
Spanning over 5 decades of 
 Pottery and Paintings 
The show will include strategic pieces of Artworks created by Barry spanning over 6 decades. The exhibition will include Pottery pieces together with Works on Canvas. It is planned to include archival and biographical material relevant to the artists extensive life . There will be key works representing his creative path. The exhibition will have artworks for sale including most recent works. It is estimated that circa 25 works would be exhibited. Minimal for a retrospective but a succinct and powerful representation. This exhibition is a celebration, the retrospective of a consistent and continuous creator where that anywhere he has exhibited has touched and captivated his audience. It will be the culmination of …60 plus years of dedicated creative outflow, a rich addition to the land and its people …his birth home Aotearoa. New Zealand.